The people of South Cotabato have found a way how to address the increasing incidence of hunger and food insecurity brought about by aging farmers. Read more…

Fact: the average age of Filipino farmers is 57. Who will provide us with safe, nutritious and adequate food 3 to 5 times a day if the population of our farmers is decreasing fast? And with the already existing socio-political and environmental factors (climate change), the incidence of hunger and rural poverty will surely worsen in the coming years if we fail to mobilize the millennials.

This is a wake-up call that the people of South Cotabato, a known food basket of the Philippines did address during the #2018WorldFoodDay celebration held at Surallah National High School last October 16 which was attended by 400 people, 85% are high school students.

Their interconnected solution is simple, very doable and can be replicated anywhere – integrate agroecology in the school and establish school-based learning centers, make more innovative approaches in conducting trainings so the young people can really appreciate and participate and, more importantly, show to them that farming can be more income-generating (principle of social enterprise).

All of the above mentioned points are stated in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed between Surallah National High School and Agro-Eco Philippines. As one of the highlights of the World Food Day celebration, the MOA signing was represented by Dr. Mariluo Sta. Maria, Principal of Surallah National High School; Mr. Florante Lachica, Assistant Principal; the Head of the Senior High; Mr. Janrick Bugante, President of the Supreme Student Government; and Mr. Edmar Villanueva, Chairperson of the Provincial Consultative Team of Agro-Eco Philippines in South Cotabato.

We are so proud of the members of Agro-Eco Philippines in South Cotabato for making a big step forward in promoting #agreocology among the children and young people. You showed the way!