Entering the age of Organic Livestock and Poultry in the Philippines

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With the increasing no. of illnesses and deaths associated with the use of chemicals in meat production, who wouldn’t want to eat organic pork and chicken?

In addressing this perennial concern, Agro-Eco Philippines is partnering with the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (https://rmn.ph/ngo-sa-mindanao-ug-ustp-nagpinirmahay-sa-moa/) to improve the livestock and poultry component of the organic farmers in Mindanao with the goal of increasing the regular sources of income of the farming families, increasing diversity in the farm, and providing the consumers with healthy meat products.

USTP has a state of the art Food Innovation Center (http://cdo.ustp.edu.ph/food-innovation-center/), Research and Extension services created and funded by the government to capacitate the farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs while Agro-Eco Philippines has hundreds of organized farmers transitioning to become #agroecology-based social entrepreneurs. The organization is establishing 6 marketing outlets in Mindanao, and these outlets would also sell organic pork, chicken, milk and eggs soon.

The training held in Bukidnon last week and the formation of the National Livestock and Poultry Committee chaired by Mr. Romulo Reyes, a farmer-scientist from Zamboanga Del Sur was a beginning of more engagements to come in all levels.

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