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Agro-Eco Philippines won the 2019 Outstanding Practice in Agroecology

The award will be presented today in Berlin, Germany on the occasion of the International Green Week and the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (https://www.worldfuturecouncil.org/event-scaling-up-agroec…/).

Thank you so much World Future Council (https://www.worldfuturecouncil.org/p/opa-2019/) for recognizing our efforts. This prestigious award which we did not expect would come has deeply inspire us to scale-up what we are doing in the pursuit of a better, fairer and sustainable world.

We dedicate this award to our member farmers, staff, officers, and institutional partners at the local, national and international who all worked together to improve the lives of the small-scale farmers, the most neglected sector in Philippine society.

In the words of Dr. Franz-Theo Gottwald (https://www.worldfuturecouncil.org/p/prof-dr-franz-theo-go…/), Chairman of the Supervisory Board of World Future Council, he says “to address hunger, social inequality, climate change, and biodiversity loss, a transition to sustainable food and agriculture systems is inevitable. This recognition showcases smart solutions that really work for the local people and empower those on whom food security of the Global South relies on: small-scale food producers. The Outstanding Practices in Agroecology 2019 create immediate and real impact and if executed at scale, they can help to considerably transform our food systems.”

This award is a recognition of the tangible results of the innovations that we’ve done over the past few years that, if scaled-up, disseminated widely and given more policy and institutional support, would significantly reduce hunger, poverty and the adverse impacts of climate change in the farming communities.


Geonathan T. Barro
Executive Director

Valeriano Santillan
Chairman of the Board

Agro Eco

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