Papua New Guineans inspired by Filipino Organic Farmers

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Angela, Haitha, Jacob and Greg are visiting farmers and NGO workers from Jiwaka and Madang, Papua New Guinea who, not only learned much about organic farming after immersing themselves with several farmer’s organizations across Mindanao for almost a month now, but also our resilience, thoughtfulness, good sense of humor, vibrant community life and warm hospitality.


Some interesting facts:

The people in Papua New Guinea are root crops eaters, they said, but they are amazed by the size of the root crops grown in Lupon, Davao Oriental and inspired by the stories of farmers whose lives have been improved by planting, processing and promoting root crops under the principles of #agroecology. This success has become a yearly celebration called ‘Duma’ or Root Crops Festival which started in 2013 through the collaboration of SUBANG Foundation, Agro-Eco Philippines and Benedictine Sisters.



Mindanao will soon be exporting our rice to Papua New Guinea to supply their lucrative market (the rice in Papua New Guinea are supplied by Australia and New Zealand), but Angela, Haitha, Jacob and Greg are envisioning that someday soon they will produce their own rice in an organic way from the technologies they’ve directly learned from the resilient Filipino farmers.



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